2017 Survey Respondent's Page

Welcome to the survey respondents' page of the 2017 New Zealand Election Study. If you have already filled out and returned your questionnaire, thank you for doing so. If you are yet to do, you can find more information about the NZES here and on other pages on our site.

Our study is an opportunity for you to help put on record what New Zealanders think, and what they expect from their political leaders. We would therefore greatly value learning about your opinions, even if you are not greatly interested in politics, and even if you didn’t vote! Remember also that if you would prefer to fill out an internet version of the questionnaire, you can find this and the password required at the URL on the letter you received with the hard copy questionnaire. To enter the survey, you will need to enter your identification number where prompted. Again, we assure confidentiality. Our research is completely independent of any political party or lobby group. Funds have come from Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Auckland, the New Zealand Electoral Commission, the University of Otago, AUT University, and the British Academy. Fieldwork is being conducted by the Centre of Methods and Policy applications in the Social Sciences(COMPASS), at the University of Auckland.

The NZES was established in 1990, and has undertaken research at every New Zealand election since. We have published a series of articles, book chapters, and articles using the data. NZES data from previous elections has been widely used by political science researchers all over the world, as well as by some New Zealand government departments. The NZES also includes questions designed by the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) that brings together data and researchers from over forty different countries around the world.

The 2017 NZES is the continuation of a well-established programme of research. As at previous elections since 1990, the NZES is conducting a post-election survey of a random sample of New Zealanders on the electoral rolls. The rolls normally cover at least 92 per cent of the eligible population. The data generated covers turnout, public understanding of the electoral system, opinions about the electoral system, attitudes and expectations about referendums, and other related matters. Questions also probe more deeply into the election itself. Further information on the background and history of the NZES, including publications, can be found at www.nzes.org. Additional publications can also be found at the personal websites of Jack Vowles and Jeffrey Karp.

Between 1993 and 1996 the NZES was supported by New Zealand's biggest science funder, the Foundation for Research, Science, and Technology (FRST), but after the 2002 election electoral research dropped off the FRST’s list of priorities. Recognizing the value of the NZES, the New Zealand Electoral Commission has part-funded the NZES’ 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2017 studies.

The NZES has received recognition in the electoral policy and administrative process in New Zealand:

The NZES is based on a self-completion postal survey sent to a sample of those on the electoral rolls.