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About the 1990 Study

If you want to understand the 1990 election read Voters Vengeance
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The 1990 study incorporated variables from the 1987 NZES but widened the perspective to include a much greater range of attitudinal data, economic voting, political and social values, strategic voting and party images, and led to the construction of comprehensive multivariate models of voting choice. The resulting data set included approximately 2,100 responses contributing to a response rate of about 71 percent

The 1990 NZES was initially funded by the Social Sciences Research Fund Committee, and later by the Foundation for Science, Research and Technology. Considerable assistance was provided by the Department of Political Studies, University of Auckland, and the Department of Politics, University of Waikato, and some supplementary funding was provided by the University of Waikato Research Committee.

The principal researchers (with current affiliations) are:
Jack Vowles,
University of Exeter
Peter Aimer,
University of Auckland

For a more detailed description of the 1990 study see Vowles and Aimer (1993) Voters' Vengeance: The 1990 Election in New Zealand Auckland: Auckland University Press.

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