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About the 2005 NZES

Funding for the 2005 NZES was provided for by the University of Auckland and the New Zealand Electoral Commission.

The principal researchers are:
Jack Vowles,
Susan Banducci,
Jeffrey Karp,
University of Exeter
Raymond Miller,
Ann Sullivan,
University of Auckland

The 2005 Election
New Zealand's fourth election under MMP was held on September 17, 2005.

The 2005 Study

The 2005 New Zealand Election Study contains two main elements. The first is our standard post-election survey, with questionnaires sent by post to several thousand New Zealanders. This was funded by the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, and the New Zealand Electoral Commission.

The dataset contains 3743 respondents, of whom 1130 are an oversample from the seven Maori electorates. Part of the data is a three-wave panel to 1999 (767 respondents) and a four-wave panel to 1996 (397 respondents). Tables from the data may be obtained on request from the collaborators on the basis of marginal costs.

The second element of the 2005 NZES is was more experimental, and took place on the internet only, in two waves, one immediately before the election, and another after the final results were announced. Preliminary results from the pre-election wave can be found here. Unlike most internet surveys, this was based on a random sample of enrolled voters, to whom postcards were sent during the final week of the campaign. The first-wave response rate was just over 10 per cent, and reflected surprisingly well the age and gender breakdown of the electorate. Work is continuing on this sample to determine if it may be a viable method of administering a campaign survey at the next election.

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