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About the 2011 NZES

The principal researchers are:
Jack Vowles,
University of Auckland and the University of Exeter
Gerard Cotterell,
Raymond Miller,
Jennifer Curtin,
University of Auckland

The 2011 Election Study

The 2011 election was held on November 26. The 2011 New Zealand Election Study (NZES) includes module 4 of the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) programme and also includes questions that can be used to analyse the results of the electoral system referendum concurrent with the election. It was funded by various sources within the University of Auckland, the New Zealand Electoral Commission, the McDougall Trust, and AUT University. Survey administration was conducted by the Centre of Methods and Policy Application in the Social Sciences (COMPASS) at the University of Auckland. Dr. Gerard Cotterell, Manager of COMPASS, led the administration of the survey research.

The survey N was 3101, reduced to 2475 with the recommended weight applied to take account of the Maori electorate and youth oversamples. On a conservative estimate, with no allowance for unavoidable unavailability of respondents for reason of death, address changes, or temporary absence from home, the weighted response rate for those freshly samped in 2011 was 36.2%: 40% for those aged 27 and above in general electorates, and lower for the oversampled groups, accounting for the lower overall estimate.

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